How do we work?

Our motto is co-creation. We bring a lot of experience, knowledge and fresh ideas. However, it will only be relevant if we meet you and your organization where you are. We prefer to be facilitators, not consultants. Our aim is to ensure solutions will be created. Together!

We work with you and your teams to ensure we understand the deeper patterns that withhold the performance to grow from good to great. With you we co-create the transformation journey and execute this, with the desired results in 90 days.

We help you transform from A to B, with C in mind!

Aligned vision and mission

We co-design and facilitate strategic interventions that create a major shift throughout the targeted organization. These include educational experiences focused on building a community of champions who are highly engaged in implementing the initiatives that facilitate and accelerate the desired transformation, with the emphasis on taking ownership for leading change at their level of the organization.


We always socialize your organization's vision, mission and values in the journeys we co-create. An integrated approach throughout the leadership ranks, ensuring everybody is heading in the same direction.


Ensuring essential concepts of leadership skills are present, aligned in the leadership team and balanced to become a top performing team. We build trust in teams, create the ability to have constructive conflicts to create true commitments so that team members will held each other accountable to obtain the desired results.

Action learning

Together we design targeted action learning, to address specific organizational challenges and opportunities. These are team-based projects that explore opportunities or dilemmas the organization is facing, and serve as a development vehicle for mid- to senior-level leaders. Implementing the desired changes will commence from there and will be guided and monitored by the formed change alliance.

Our team


Making individuals, teams and organizations accelerate growth in a natural way, is something clients often provide as feedback. Provides knowledge and shares experience as a teacher, coach, consultant, leader and is seen as a free-thinker. Personal growth is the only purpose, whilst problems get fixed along the way and performance is boosted. Ability to find limiting patterns in teams and organizations, as well as co-creating new ones to create new success. Focus on people to become more balanced and happy both professionally & privately. Certified coach (co-active), international HR management, large scale portfolio & program management (Axelos). Experienced executive in international Learning & Development, Business Development Operations and Logistics


Demonstrating ownership, creative in finding the right solutions, helping others to be successful, self-starting, accountability and a never-ending drive and energy to improve, are qualifications that previous clients of Fried provide as feedback.
Experienced leadership team trainer, expert in agile change and transformation. Certified coach (Leadership Circle, Co-Active, ORSC, SAFe. Known for turning the client's abilities to work based on sound relationships and high performance. Extensive experience in implementing and improving the performance of scaled agile frameworks like SAFe (SPC), LeSS, and Spotify model. Fried also has a broad experience as project- and program manager, implementing large IT projects.

“Creating change-agile business will eliminate the need for what we call today change management”

– Paul Gibbons