Leadership development

What we do

We are chosen to co-create leadership journeys in organizations for various reasons, like:

  • Navigating M&A

  • Creating high performing teams

  • Working through tumultuous leadership changes

  • Implementing new technology

  • Adapting to a new regulatory environment

  • Executing against a new strategy

  • Culture Change

Starting point

Creating a movement, which takes very few people to start, yet many people to sustain. Mobilize hundreds, even thousands, of employees, through leadership development.

Commitment through engagement

Where strategy meets culture, culture always wins, it needs to be included in the design of the journey. Growth and adapting to complex challenges in turbulent times, cannot be done by purely technical approaches of restructuring and reengineering. Lack of culture inclusion and development is why 66 percent to 75 percent of organizational change initiatives fail.

End result
  1. Individual skill development: ability to lead the change

  2. Socialization of corporate vision, values and mission is integrated in the approach: create the shared mission and commitment to get it done.

  3. Strategic interventions that facilitate a major strategic shift throughout the organization.

  4. Learning experiences focused on building the change alliance who are engaged in implementing strategic change, with the emphasis on taking ownership for leading change at their level of the organization.

  5. Targeted actions to address specific organizational challenges and opportunities including team-based projects.

“Change and transformation can be done in 90 days when creatively co-created, carefully planned and thoroughly executed.”

Jan Salomons & Fried Broekhof - Founders of Leadership 360